Tardis Cake

31 May

Ashlee and I got to do another wedding the other weekend, and the bride and groom are a fan of Dr. Who. So we built a Tardis cake! Here are some pics (thanks Graeme!).

We cut out several panels, two for each side, and “glued” them on with royal icing. The hardware is also made from royal icing. I hand painted all the panels to give it a weathered time-traveled look. The “Police Public Call Box” signs and the telephone sign are just plain ol’ paper, so nothing fancy going on there. I was super intimidated by this cake, but it turned out to be so much fun.

Sweet babies had fun too!


A Sunny Day

7 Mar

Today was beautiful!  Windows were flung open, and the heat was off. 60 degrees and sunny in March just doesn’t happen that often in Dubuque, but apparently it makes me productive. I got laundry, dishes and some sewing done, and Dell and I went for 2 walks. I also had some Meyer lemons that I picked up at Wal-mart and needed to use. So I made some delicious lemonade from this recipe here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/best-lemonade-ever/. The only thing I did different was to add lemon zest to the simple syrup while it was boiling. Homemade lemonade is soooooo good!


2 Mar

Well apparently this winter came in like a lamb and is heading out like a lion considering the snow globe we are in today! Regardless, I got started on my garden already.

It never fails to amaze me how fast seeds sprout! I planted these last night, and they’re already popping up here and there. I get giddy over my garden!


I picked up this polish for St. Pattie’s Day

Revlon “Posh”

Also, I found a clover in my salad mix from the grocery 🙂 Happy March and happy Spring!

Mid Century Chairs

1 Mar

I found these two gems at St. Vinny’s the other day. Just 10 smackeroos for these and a Target shower curtain later, and I’ve got some cool chairs!

They started out with some nasty mauve purpley blue fabric on them. I couldn’t find anything at Joanne’s, so I saw a cute shower curtain at Target, and snatched it up! In all, these guys were about $40.00. not too shabby.

Kool Kat Pillow

23 Feb

Made this pillow for a friend using Martha Stewart’s new craft paint!

Gentlemanly Cake

23 Feb

Ashlee and I actually made a cake with a nearly 6 month and nearly 4 month old in tow. They pretty much just stared at each other in their exersaucers and took turns taking naps. Anywho, this cake was for a “gentleman” themed birthday for some friends of ours, so we went with mustaches and a top hat! Graeme took pictures of it, but I don’t have those, so you are just going to have to put up with mine. Hey, at least I have an actual camera now!

And lil’ miss with hangin’ with Ashlee.

Della lately

20 Feb

I haven’t blogged since I got home from the hospital…oops! So here’s a little catchup on miss D.

Della came out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and rarely closes her big baby blues (even when she sleeps)! Her first month out in the world she pretty much spent staring at everything. Her particular favorite was the pictures behind our bed and down the stairway. She loves her daddy’s face, especially his beard.

One of my favorites from a shoot with Graeme Pitman when she was a week old!

Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with Grandma and Pap.

2 months rolled around and Christmas was here. With it came the hustle and bustle that always accompanies the holidays. Della was learning that if she tried really hard, she could make a noise come out!

Trying to get a family picture!

Matching outfits and best face EVER!

Della got to meet uncle Mason for the first time. Love at first sight!

Lots of new faces to meet in MO. Center of attention.

Hangin’ out with Grandpa and Grandma Sue.

We headed home to TN, but Dell was done meeting new people by then, and promptly screamed when someone other than mom held her.

She was happy long enough to get some pics with her namesake and Poppie.

We visited the Gordons at Cedar Hall.

Then January snuck up on us!

We spent this month noticing our toys an sneaking a few smiles in.

And believe it or not, it was warm enough to go on some walks!

We learned how to ride our Bumbo. Yeehaw!

February has brought such new and fun things. Della thinks everything is funny now. She laughs at her mommy and daddy a lot, especially when she is supposed to be going to sleep. There is a lot more “talking” going on too.

Happy girl!

We are grabbing EVERYTHING and putting it straight into our mouth! She loves her Sophie giraffe and the soft blocks Jacquie made her.

We love our little Bean so much. She really is a joy! Time does fly, and I just try to cherish each day and each sleepless night. Children truly are a gift from the Lord! Sorry for such a lengthy post 🙂