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Emma’s Retro 60’s Barbie house

28 Feb

One of my most likely annoying traits to my husband is when I get “brilliant” ideas and obsess over them until a.) I follow through and do it, or  b.) I get another “brilliant” idea and the cycle continues. This idea was one that i followed through on. The Barbie house was originally  for Emma Lou’s 1oth birthday, but it naturally was costing more than i thought it would, and we had no idea how to get it to her on her birthday. So we frantically worked on it to get it finished in time for Christmas, and we did. A love for retro runs deep in our family, so I knew she would love it. I loooove the early 60’s style. it’s so chic and classic. Mom and i had many a phone conversation about the house and were both wishing we were 1o again. Most of it is handmade, but i did do a lot of thrift store hunting and re-purposing. Well here’s Emma’ 1960’s Barbie dream house!

Here it is in progress. I came up with the plans, and my loving husband did the building.

The finished product on Christmas morning!

Here are close ups of all the rooms…we’ll start with the kitchen

Kitchen/living room/dining room. Turkey dinner on the table for Christmas.

Living room…

Living room. Asian themed.

Skippers. Ready for slumber parties!

Skipper's room.

This picture isn’t as good, but you can see a bit more of her room.

On to the upstairs…

Barbie and Ken's master suit

Master bath…

Bathtub is a wooden kleenex box cover, sink is an ash try i think, and the toilet is a pestle and mortar bottom. Sorry this one won't rotate for some reason.

Barbie’s swingin’ rooftop patio…

Ready to get a tan and have a BBQ.

Here’s the little booger seeing it for the first time.

She wouldn't get close to it at first.

Emma’s favorite part was having real stairs for her Barbies to go up and down( thanks justin :)). I wish I had taken more pictures of all the tiny details, tiny records, Life magazines, candy dishes, vintage cereal boxes and other foods. It was all so much fun to make, and she had no idea what she was getting.

Here’s the video


Vintage Hats

27 Feb

My friend called me the other day to give me a heads-up that there were some vintage hats at our Goodwill. I, of course, headed over there immediately. Here are the ones i got! thanks L.A.

i love this one. it reminds me of the hat she wears in "His Girl Friday".

Our Trip to Seattle

26 Feb

This October Justin and I took a trip to Seattle and the Olympic peninsula for our anniversary. We were able to visit with our friends the Tiberis and Hannah Gordon. Since i was a kid, I have always wanted to visit Olympic National Park. It’s one of America’s most diverse national parks, boasting mountains, scenic valleys, beautiful driftwood beaches, and rain forests. Needles to say it was BEAUTIFUL! Here are some pictures from our trip. Ok lots of pictures.

Seattle Skyline

Public Market at Pikes Place. In love!

Theo's organic chocolate.

Le Panier french bakery. Best éclairs i have ever had!! Heavenly...

Pain Au Chocolate for Breakfast

Daliahs $1.00 a stem

Everything was so vibrant. I could go there everyday!

On to the Olympic peninsula. Ferry ride+1 hour drive gets us to Port Angeles

On the road to Port Angeles. Beautiful sunny day.

Port Angeles. We got lucky. There was a Dungeness crab festival going on when we arrived.

Dungeness crab cake. yum!


Next we headed up to Hurricane Ridge

Justin before we headed out on our hike

Hurricane Ridge

On to the tiny town of Forks, WA

Had to take this picture as a Twihard

Forks tourist attraction before Twilight

Hoh Rainforest/Hall of Mosses

Justin at the giant sitka spruce

Hall of Mosses

Local wildlife. We heard lots of elk while we were hiking, but we never got to see them

Hoh river

La Push, 1st, and Rialto Beaches

La Push. Name originates from La Bouche. French for mouth.

1st beach. I was definitely amazed by how powerful the Pacific was. These two dogs followed us everywhere that day.

See 🙂

Ellen creek at Rialto beach. We didn't factor in having to cross this.

Seastacks at Rialto beach

Tidepools. I was soooo excited about these!