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Most awesome toaster

27 Apr

So I really love this toaster, but realized today that my dreams of having one will never come true since the price tag is at least a heafty $228.00! Oh well…


Compost bin

14 Apr

Here’s my compost bin my ever lovin’ husband built me real quick.

And our cute “little” puppy.


12 Apr

It’s been a little over a week since we got our girls, and i’m finally posting (sorry)! We got our big girls last saturday after dropping off one of our cakes. They came from an awesome organic farm in Cross Plains, WI where they also raise milking goats. Here’s a few pictures.

The girls (Poppy and Pansy) in the garden. We didn’t quite have their run finished at this point. I think they would prefer to live in here anyway.

Justin’s handy work. It still needs to be painted.

Why hello there!


Here’s our girls’s eggs and a store bought one in the middle.

These are our little chickies. The process of getting them was a little more hairy! I ordered them from Steve’s Ace hardware in February, and they told me they would order the 3 breeds I had asked for. Well when I went in last week (after dealing with some really sucky customer service) to get our babies. I opened the box and was surprised to find some funny looking chicks. I asked the lady what breed they were, and she said Top Hats (basically they have afros). I had ordered 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 black Australorps, and 2 Barred Rocks and I got 6 Top Hats! Uggg… So I went to Theisens and bought 5 Buffs, and now we have 11 chicks 🙂 Here’s our fluffy heads.

Carnival Cake

5 Apr

Ashlee and I just finished this super fun cake on saturday for a 6 year old’s birthday. The theme was “Carnival”, and we really enjoyed making this one! We tried a new technique for us; painting on gumpaste. It turned out pretty well. Thanks Graeme for making our cakes look so awesome in their pictures!

After we dropped off the cake, we headed to Mazomanie to pick up our two little hens. They’re up next 🙂