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27 Jun

I’m loving these colors in this nursery. Plus some tomato red, black, seafoamy blue, and apple green.


Paper Doll Clothesline

24 Jun

This will be making its way into baby P’s nursery somehow…

I had already been thinking of doing a mobil out of paper dolls, and this is super cute too!




22 Jun

It’s a girl! Can’t wait to meet our little girl in November! I went a little crazy looking at clothes today after the appointment. I think that is what I was most looking forward to if it was a girl :). I must admit that my plans for a little boy nursery were pretty awesome, but that will just have to wait til later on down the road. Anywho, here are some of the things I’m thinking about for our little “girly wirly” room.

This lady will definitely be making an appearance somewhere, or at least inspiring some things…

I’m lovin these fabrics (most of them are from Spoonflower I believe).

Some cute artwork…

I love most everything from Berkley Illustration on Etsy. Most of them would’ve worked great in a boy’s room, but here are some cute ones for girls.


22 Jun

Because I am too excited to go to bed, I decided to post again. Tomorrow we get to peek and see who our nursery’s little occupant is (provide this little squirmer cooperates)! Here are some of my nursery inspirations.

Little Girl?

Little Boy?



Ashlee’s Yellow and Gray Baby Shower

22 Jun

This past Saturday I had the privilege of throwing my friend Ashlee a baby shower. Even though we got rained on as soon as we started our Garden party, we still had fun. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friend Mik! Here are the photos compliments of Graeme Pitman. But first the awesome invite Mik’s husband Aaron made for us.




Micah and Amy’s Cake

8 Jun

This past Saturday Ashlee and I got to make a wedding cake for our friends Micah and Amy. Here’s how it turned out!

The birds and buttons are made out of gumpaste, the twigs are painted on, and the frosting is buttercream.

Here’s the fabulous couple!