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Toy Story Woody Cake

5 May

A few weeks ago Ashlee and I made a cake for a friend of ours. I made my first real modeling chocolate sculpture and was pretty pleased with the results.

The beginnings of Woody (that’s his head laying there).

Working on his head. He’s a bit scary looking at this point.

Almost finished. Just the details left.

The final Woody! I did forget his pull string 😦

Here’s the cake all put together.


Garagesale Weekend (the best weekend in Dubuque!)

2 May

This weekend was Garage sale weekend in Dubuque, and we finally had some nice weather! Though we don’t know who our little baby is yet, we did find some loot.

Books, books, books!

Neutrals 😦 so hard not to pick up the cute gender specific things!

We also got our crib, and  have a dresser and a changing table that my poor hubby has to paint. probably all different colors 🙂


2 May

This Easter I attempted to make macaroons which was way more labor intensive than I thought! They turned out ok at first then got progressively worse the tireder i became. I had to grind my own almond flour because it was way to expensive at Hyvee. I just stuck slivered almonds in a coffee grinder which worked beautifully. Here they are.

These are my boo boos

Here’s the ones that made the cut, though some of them shouldn’t have.

The flavors were Coffee, Chocolate, Lemon, Pistachio with chocolate filling, Raspberry, and Lavender with honey cream filling.