2 Nov

Our little Bean is here! Della Louise Phelan arrived Sunday, October 30th @ 11:43 am. She is beautiful and healthy, and we are so thankful for her. We got the name Della from one of my favorite stories “The Gift of the Magi” by: O. Henry, and Louise is for Justin’s Grandmother. I’m most definitely in love!

Can’t get much cuter!

Happy to go home!



29 Oct

I love all these fun, colorful cupcakes! Maybe I’ll make some for my birthday…

Lil’ Bean’s Nursery

27 Oct

Here’s our baby girl’s nursery, ready and waiting for her arrival! Thanks Uncle Nathan for taking pictures.

Her changing zone. Table/Vanity is retro from Grandma Englehart. The books on the shelf are “How to Be Well Dressed” and “How to Develop Poise and Self-confidence” from her Ganny Dears house.

One of my favorite thrift store finds for our little family of 3.

Beanie’s crib. My poor hubby had to paint every piece of furniture a different color. Leah’s snuggly blanket.

Don’t worry. I’ll take the pillows out before she sleeps in there! I made the mobil using some of my old Dakin Dream Pets. I wish I had them all b/c i LOVE them!

Justin made us an awesome floating shelf to go above her crib. She’s got some pretty cool toys up there.

This will be Bean’s little reading nook when her rocking chair arrives. I love our rug (West Elm)!

Bunny buddies. Ashlee made the ridiculously cute yellow one.

Another treasure from sweet Ganny’s house. I played with this house soooo much, along with all the other grands and great-grands!

Some better picture’s of Beanie’s paper dolls.

Justin and I made these front facing bookshelves. One of my favorites right in front!

Bean has an awesome owl lamp and retro yellow dresser (I don’t have a pic of the whole thing, but it’s cool).

This awesome thrift store find sits right above it. That’s Grace Kelly hangin’ out in there on the left. Audrey definitely made it into the room too, just don’t have a pic of her.

Jacquie made these awesome cloth blocks. They’re even cooler in person!

I’ve been waiting to have a nursery to put Nathan’s Playmobile pictures in!

Well that’s it! She can come whenever she wants now 🙂


24 Oct

So many things i wanna make for my little Bean!

So pretty!





Now if I only had room for these last two…


Nursery pictures next!






1000 Gifts

29 Sep

So the ladies at church have started a study on a book called…

I’m loving this book! It’s so beautiful. It reads more like poetry than a study book. It will kick your butt though, so beware…READ IT!!


15 Sep

So I’ve definitely been nesting, the problem is our nursery is covered in sheetrock dust, so not much is going on in there. The only thing I can do is cook. Lots of that is going on here, and our freezer is busting at the seems.

Bread bread bread. Pumpkin Carrot, Zucchini, Blueberry Zucchini, and Banana Walnut!

Homemade Tomato soup from here

This is a labor of love, but very yummy.

Lots of Maters. I halved the recipe

I blanched them so they would be easier to peel. Boil for around 10-15 seconds, plop them in an ice bath, then peel away.


Next seed them. I just cut them in half and stuck my thumbs inside. Atticus looooves tomatoes, so he got all the juicy scraps!

In the pot they go with the tomato paste, onions, and homemade pesto. mash things up a bit, and let them simmer for half an hour.

Run it through a food processor or blender, and you have some great tomato soup!

Lots of other soups going in the freezer this week.


1 Sep

Maybe it’s because I thought fall was here, and then it became ridiculously hot and muggy again today. Or maybe I’m just tired of being in a house where everything is out of place and there is sheetrock dust all over, but I really want to go back here!


Usually once I’ve been somewhere, I want to find a new place for our next vacation, but I could go back to WA every year! Maybe we’ll take our little girlie with us next year?