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2 Mar

Well apparently this winter came in like a lamb and is heading out like a lion considering the snow globe we are in today! Regardless, I got started on my garden already.

It never fails to amaze me how fast seeds sprout! I planted these last night, and they’re already popping up here and there. I get giddy over my garden!


I picked up this polish for St. Pattie’s Day

Revlon “Posh”

Also, I found a clover in my salad mix from the grocery 🙂 Happy March and happy Spring!


Ashlee’s Yellow and Gray Baby Shower

22 Jun

This past Saturday I had the privilege of throwing my friend Ashlee a baby shower. Even though we got rained on as soon as we started our Garden party, we still had fun. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my friend Mik! Here are the photos compliments of Graeme Pitman. But first the awesome invite Mik’s husband Aaron made for us.




Compost bin

14 Apr

Here’s my compost bin my ever lovin’ husband built me real quick.

And our cute “little” puppy.


12 Apr

It’s been a little over a week since we got our girls, and i’m finally posting (sorry)! We got our big girls last saturday after dropping off one of our cakes. They came from an awesome organic farm in Cross Plains, WI where they also raise milking goats. Here’s a few pictures.

The girls (Poppy and Pansy) in the garden. We didn’t quite have their run finished at this point. I think they would prefer to live in here anyway.

Justin’s handy work. It still needs to be painted.

Why hello there!


Here’s our girls’s eggs and a store bought one in the middle.

These are our little chickies. The process of getting them was a little more hairy! I ordered them from Steve’s Ace hardware in February, and they told me they would order the 3 breeds I had asked for. Well when I went in last week (after dealing with some really sucky customer service) to get our babies. I opened the box and was surprised to find some funny looking chicks. I asked the lady what breed they were, and she said Top Hats (basically they have afros). I had ordered 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 black Australorps, and 2 Barred Rocks and I got 6 Top Hats! Uggg… So I went to Theisens and bought 5 Buffs, and now we have 11 chicks 🙂 Here’s our fluffy heads.

Wattle Fence

12 Mar

Wattle fencing is so pretty looking. I’m hoping I can put some low ones in our backyard this year. I just need access to some saplings and branches that need cutting down (anyone?).

The fence is made by putting small stakes in the ground for your posts, then weaving the flexible sapling branches in between.

Pretty cool!


4 Mar

I started some seeds for my garden today. Lots of lettuce and spinach for my soon- to- be gutter garden, some squash, and a few chives. I love planting seeds and seeing them sprout the next day! It’s so so cool! I will probably get the rest of my garden as small plants. Also I’m thinking of starting an asparagus bed this year.

Forgot to put this Compost Bin on my list of things to build this spring

I found this cool countertop composter for $5.00 at a garage sell last spring

And now if I only had a bigger back yard, a much bigger backyard…

Our neighbor growing up had a Jersey cow, and she would share her fresh butter with us. It was so bright yellow! Jersey milk and butter is a little stronger than a Holstein’s and takes some getting used too, but it is delicious! Aren’t these girls beautiful? Maybe someday…

Spring Yard Ideas

3 Mar

With Spring right around the corner, I’ve been plotting and planning my backyard. Aside from the addition of our feathered friends and their coop, I’m hoping we can build some of these things too.

Pallet Table for our deck. Really want to have a place to dine outside.

I love these chairs from Ikea. They’re so cheap, so I wouldn’t feel bad painting them whatever color I want.

Gutter Gardens– I don’t have a whole lot of sunny space in my yard for growing my veggies, so i have to make every spot count. I’m thinking of putting one of these in somewhere.

Also these Tie on Slippers have nothing to do with my yard, but they’re super cute and summery 🙂

Here’s the link to the pattern