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1000 Gifts

29 Sep

So the ladies at church have started a study on a book called…

I’m loving this book! It’s so beautiful. It reads more like poetry than a study book. It will kick your butt though, so beware…READ IT!!


A Country Vet

9 Mar

These books are very beloved to many including me. I could read them over and over and over! They’re hilarious and heartwarming. If you haven’t read them, get to it!

Anyway I have never really wanted to travel overseas much. Don’t get me wrong, if the opportunity arose I definitely would. But I have always wanted to go to Yorkshire and ramble around where James Herriot (pen name Alf Wight) did his rounds. Darrowby is a fictional place, but it is based on three real towns and villages. Leyburn, Middleham, and Richmond. Thirsk is Wight’s actual hometown where you can visit “The World of James Herriot”.

Yorkshire Dales