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Gentlemanly Cake

23 Feb

Ashlee and I actually made a cake with a nearly 6 month and nearly 4 month old in tow. They pretty much just stared at each other in their exersaucers and took turns taking naps. Anywho, this cake was for a “gentleman” themed birthday for some friends of ours, so we went with mustaches and a top hat! Graeme took pictures of it, but I don’t have those, so you are just going to have to put up with mine. Hey, at least I have an actual camera now!

And lil’ miss with hangin’ with Ashlee.



29 Oct

I love all these fun, colorful cupcakes! Maybe I’ll make some for my birthday…

Micah and Amy’s Cake

8 Jun

This past Saturday Ashlee and I got to make a wedding cake for our friends Micah and Amy. Here’s how it turned out!

The birds and buttons are made out of gumpaste, the twigs are painted on, and the frosting is buttercream.

Here’s the fabulous couple!

Toy Story Woody Cake

5 May

A few weeks ago Ashlee and I made a cake for a friend of ours. I made my first real modeling chocolate sculpture and was pretty pleased with the results.

The beginnings of Woody (that’s his head laying there).

Working on his head. He’s a bit scary looking at this point.

Almost finished. Just the details left.

The final Woody! I did forget his pull string 😦

Here’s the cake all put together.

Carnival Cake

5 Apr

Ashlee and I just finished this super fun cake on saturday for a 6 year old’s birthday. The theme was “Carnival”, and we really enjoyed making this one! We tried a new technique for us; painting on gumpaste. It turned out pretty well. Thanks Graeme for making our cakes look so awesome in their pictures!

After we dropped off the cake, we headed to Mazomanie to pick up our two little hens. They’re up next 🙂

Easter Cake

7 Mar

Last year for Easter I made this cake for our family dinner in Marble Hill. I believe it’s still around (in my Grandma’s freezer!) because my Grandma wouldn’t let me cut it.

Thankfully the plan was to cover it in gumpaste flowers because my fondant work wasn’t very pretty on this one. Thanks for the pictures Graeme!

This year we’re planning on being down there again. Hopefully my Aunt and Uncle and Cousins from New Hampshire will be coming too! Aunt Debi wanted me to make a cake with Annie, so that got me thinking on what to do. I also want to make macarons to go with the cake and this is what inspired me. Something more geometric and modern this year.

French Macarons

I love these bright bold colors. Spring doesn’t have to be pastel right?

I love the circles too, so i think that is going to be the theme of the cake. Here’s my inspiration so far.

Or I could just load the cake with Macarons