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Baby P’s Paper Dolls.

29 Aug

Originally I had planned to just buy some vintage paper dolls for this little girl’s nursery, but we’re on a tight budget, and it was way more fun(and time consuming) to make them. So here they are. Still not sure what I’m going to do with them. I’m thinking they will become a mobil. Sorry the pictures are horrible. We don’t have a camera right now, so I had to use Justin’s phone.

This first lovely lady is one of two Italian sisters. The elegant Ms. Giovanna. Wearing a lovely gold cocktail dress.

Here she is in her poison green evening gown. The color is way off in the pic.

Her lovely winter coat ensemble. Sorry for the horrible pic!

Giovanna’s sister Marta is a bit more casual, enjoying her collection of suits, but here is her stunning emerald evening gown.

Her very put together collection of suits.

The color is way off in this one too.

These next two sisters, Sam and Rita, are the vivacious American cousins of our Italian beauties.

Sam is always looking pretty and put together, weather she is out on the town running errands, or having a few cocktails with friends.

Lovely Rita loves red!

Here she is all ready for a day at the beach!

Or a day sailing the seas.

Fashionably Mod.

Dressed and ready for a picnic in this charming red gingham piece.


Vintage Hats

27 Feb

My friend called me the other day to give me a heads-up that there were some vintage hats at our Goodwill. I, of course, headed over there immediately. Here are the ones i got! thanks L.A.

i love this one. it reminds me of the hat she wears in "His Girl Friday".