4 Mar

I started some seeds for my garden today. Lots of lettuce and spinach for my soon- to- be gutter garden, some squash, and a few chives. I love planting seeds and seeing them sprout the next day! It’s so so cool! I will probably get the rest of my garden as small plants. Also I’m thinking of starting an asparagus bed this year.

Forgot to put this Compost Bin on my list of things to build this spring

I found this cool countertop composter for $5.00 at a garage sell last spring

And now if I only had a bigger back yard, a much bigger backyard…

Our neighbor growing up had a Jersey cow, and she would share her fresh butter with us. It was so bright yellow! Jersey milk and butter is a little stronger than a Holstein’s and takes some getting used too, but it is delicious! Aren’t these girls beautiful? Maybe someday…


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